About Us

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Vape Lagoon is a Premium UK Vape Shop that was started by a group of vape enthusiasts
to support and deliver an alternative to smoking through a safer method.

From the beginning, Vape Lagoon set out to break down the stereotype and act as an advisory
body to help traditional cigarette smokers by providing support through the transition from
smoking to vaping.

Our mission is to always ensure we are informing our followers and customers of our latest
offers and deals not only through our store, but through online newsletters, Instagram and
Facebook. We pride ourselves of being able to offer the latest products at competitive prices.

Having opened our first retail and online store back in 2016, we have already gained a large
loyal customer base that goes beyond our immediate locality. We have noticed that majority
of our customers keep returning to us due to our product quality, reliability and honesty in
what we do.

This loyalty from our customers has allowed us to expand our business and we are proud to have multiple UK Vape Shop in Canary Wharf with an online service center in Essex.

From a sales perspective, we work purely on an unrivalled customer satisfaction business model.
This ensures customers are recognised and appreciated on a personal level. This model has proven
to be a high return for us and through word of mouth we get hundreds of customers weekly coming

Vape Lagoon works against the “hard sell” ethic and instead holds its name as a friendly and
welcoming business.

Come and visit one of our UK Vape Shop or write to us