How Much Does Vaping Cost?

How Much Does Vaping Cost?
October 8, 2019 Vape Lagoon
How Much Does Vaping Cost
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How Much Does Vaping Cost?

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons why some people go in to vaping is simply because smoking cigarettes is not cheap. Not to mention the long term damage it does to your health and your skin!

How much does vaping cost? Well that all depends on your vaping habit and what type of a vapor you are. For the purpose of this post, the following information is purely based on my personal experience with vaping and my journey from a cigarette smoker to a vapor.

I’ve been vaping for almost a year. I would describe myself as a moderate vapor – Somewhere in the middle.
Before vaping I used to smoke on average 10 cigarettes a day. I used to buy a 20 box that used to last me 2 days. The last I checked, a pack of 20 silk cuts (what I smoked) costs £12.55. If you count 30 days in a month and multiply that by 12, the cost works out to the following:

£12.55 x 15 = £188.25
£188.25 x 12 = £2,259

Smoking a year used to cost me a whopping £2,259.

Transition to vaping

I bought the Aspire Zelos 2 Kit from Vape Lagoon, which cost me £54.99
Amazing Mango E Liquid by Naked 100 £13.95
Total = £68.94

I haven’t changed my vape kit since I first bought it. I normally spend about £12 a month on liquids. The coils on the other hand, I buy a new pack every 9 weeks (I get 3 in a pack). This costs me £10 a pack. I change the battery every 6 months. I probably don’t need to as the battery I got was working and the performance was good. However just to be on the safe side I decided to change it after 6 months.

My yearly cost accounts to the following:
Kit – £54.99
Liquids – £144
Coils – £60
Batteries – £20

Total yearly cost therefore is £278.99. Compare this to the cost of smoking cigarettes which used to cost me £2,259. This is a saving of £1,980.01.

I normally buy my products all at once and use discount codes online. I also appreciate that I am a moderate user. Whereas, for someone who vapes a lot more, the costs would be higher than what I worked out. Nevertheless, it is no secret that vaping is a lot less expensive compared to smoking cigarettes.

I see a lot of negative press around vaping and the possible health risks it can cause. However, let’s be clear, a lot of these research into vaping is funded by tobacco companies. It is in their interest to paint vaping as something negative. If everybody starts switching to vaping, the tobacco companies would see a demise in their profits.

It is astonishing how some people bash the vaping industry. In contrast, if you look at the chemicals that are used in making cigarettes you would be horrified. They really destroy the body! The vaping horrors that you read about, if you investigate fully, you will find that correct procedures haven’t been followed and poor or harmful ingredients have been used. Therefore, because of this I would always encourage you to purchase from reputable and well established vendors.

The above guest post , How Much Does Vaping Cost? was written by one of our Vape Lagoon customer, Mick. Mick has been vaping for many years and was very keen to share his vaping experience and how vaping has helped him save money over the years. Mick also enjoys trying out the many different e liquids that Vape Lagoon offer.

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  1. Mark 4 years ago

    Very good. I’ve started vaping as well. Exactly the same reason mentioned here. Smoking cigarettes was costing me too much. Still trying to get used it though. i’m using the nicotine patches as well as vaping.

    • David 4 years ago

      I need to start vaping. The cost of smoking tobacco is just too much.

  2. Mary Gillian 4 years ago

    I use a pod system for vaping and I find that it’s less juice hungry as long as I use good eliquid like Kumo and phat phog. Before I came across vape lagoon, I use to use the smok Alian kit but now I use the smok Nord and switch flavours regularly with slightly higher nicotine strength.

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