Advanced Vaping Tips: 4 Tips For Mixing DIY Vape Juice

Advanced Vaping Tips: 4 Tips For Mixing DIY Vape Juice
April 28, 2019 Vape Lagoon
Top Tips For Mixing DIY Vape Juice
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With the wide range of vape juices out there, both for pod mods and for e-cig tanks, you might be surprised to find that many regular vapers make their own juices. Why You might ask. Aren’t juices sold at our Docklands vape shop, Vape Lagoon not enough?

Whilst there are plenty of e liquids on the market to suit almost any taste out there, it’s still a fact that vapers are often attracted to methods where they can do it their own way. The everyday, seasoned vaper is an independent minded enthusiast. They know what taste they like and will attain it by any means necessary. The opposite might also be true. Those new to e-cigs might have no idea what sort of flavour hits the spot for them. Therefore, what better way to explore the wide variety of nicotine concentrations, flavours and PG/VG ratios than learning how to mix your own e liquid?

If you know where to find the ingredients, Top tips for mixing DIY vape juice is surprisingly easy. Nicotine shots, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavourings are all available to buy from quality vape shops. The key is finding the right measurement of each ingredient. With a wide range of flavours and balances available, there is an almost infinite number of combinations, providing slightly different tastes and ensuring a different vaping experience each time you mix. It is for this reason that it’s important you write down each of your mixes. Imagine finding your perfect flavour, only to forget the balance of PG, VG, nicotine and flavourings!

Top Tips For Mixing DIY Vape Juice

Here Is the Five tips below :

Find your nicotine sweet spot
Everybody has a different nicotine tolerance. If you were a heavy smoker before you started vaping, then you may be more satisfied with anywhere up to 20mg of nicotine per 10ml. With a wide range of nicotine shots available, you can choose the right balance for your own tastes. Also with DIY mixing, you don’t need worry to about the TPD cap of 20mg per 10ml set by the UK government on pre-filled e liquids.

PG and VG are key
Propylene glycol is the organic compound responsible for carrying the nicotine and flavour of an e liquid. Vegetable glycerine is responsible for the density of the clouds you exhale, thus the thickness of the e liquid mix. If you are looking for low vapour, high nicotine throat hits, then a higher ratio of propylene glycol will be beneficial. If you are a cloud chaser looking for lower nicotine hits but dense clouds of vapour, then go for a higher VG ratio. If you’re a first time DIY’er, we recommend starting with a 50/50 ratio and then experimenting either side.

Use a vaping calculator
There are plenty of websites online which will help you calculate the exact measurements you want for your e liquid. Precision is key when mixing vape liquid, so ensure that your e liquid has been measured as accurately as possible, otherwise you risk an underwhelming vape flavour.

Try flavour combinations
You know when you just feel like something is missing from your vape flavour? Experimenting with different flavour combinations will help you explore the outer reaches of DIY vaping. That’s part of the fun of the vaping community, swapping stories about the weird and wacky combinations you’ve experimented with.

Let it set
Like with good wine or gin, letting the flavours settle and infuse after mixing is key for a richer taste. Sometimes you may need to leave a juice for a month, sometimes just a few days. It completely depends on your mix and the quality of your ingredients.

If you have more questions about DIY vaping, then ask in store at Vape Lagoon, your London, Docklands vape shop.

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  1. Joseph 5 years ago

    I’ll probably give this a try. Sometimes it’s difficult to find your preferred flavour and strength. At least this way through trial and error you can eventually find your perfect blend.

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